Made in Chelsea: our music promo for Andy Jordan’s debut single

Busy times here at Media Ark… Besides working on some exciting projects with Barclays, Dixons and DFS, we were also commissioned to shoot the debut music video for Made in Chelsea’s Andy Jordan – for his forthcoming single, Geography.

With just two days to turn the video around, we came up with a concept that blended beautiful footage from a RED Epic with a MoVI, with gorgeous, ‘stoppy’ snapshots from a 35mm Lomokino camera – to give the whole thing a bit of edge. For our DOP, Tim Flower, it was a chance to flex his skills – having already bagged a bunch of awards for previous music promos – not to mention his first cinema-release feature film, Romeo and Juliet: A Love Song.

The shoot for Geography took place in London, with Andy and Daisy (his “video girlfriend”). Check out the pics below:





Much of the shoot took place at the Hand & Flower pub on the King’s Road, in Chelsea (thanks again guys for letting us invade!). Aside from being a great venue, it was quite handy to be filming in a pub for the end-of-shoot celebrations…




Yep,  we had a blast on this shoot – and now know pretty much every line to Andy’s new single. Altogether now, “Geee-arrg-rafffeee…!”

***The video for Geography will be out in the next few days. Keep your eyes and ears peeled!***


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