How LastMinute are you?

We all like to be a little spontaneous, but when it comes to the crunch, how spur-of-the-moment are you really? This was the question we put to the great travelling public, when our friends at commissioned us recently to create some fresh new content.

Our challenge was to create some engaging guides to key destinations, along with other interactive content that would   populate‘s Inspirations site – the aim being to improve SEO and drive traffic to the main site. 

One of our favourite pieces of work was the interactive map of Miami we created, which featured a map of the city with hotspots highlighting the 10 main districts. Hover over one and up pops a Q&A with a neighbourhood local giving their suggestions about places to check out – each one giving you a unique flavour of what makes that district special .


What we really love about our map, however, was the fact that you could tweet these guys and start a conversation – allowing you to make friends with locals before  you leave home.


The other project we loved was our online questionnaire, which invites you to see just how LastMinute you really are.  This fun  spontaneity challenge asks you a series of questions where you’re invited to choose between two amusing options. So, are you more motorbike or motorhome, shorts or briefs, air bed or air guitar? We’ll leave you to decide… Click here to find out for yourself…



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