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Wowzers! It’s been quite a month here at Media Ark, with over 15 films shooting in the last few weeks. From Miami to Harrogate, cider farms to sofas, and music festivals to fishermen in the Highlands of Scotland, we’ve been on something of a whirlwind tour. Oh, and somewhere in between all that we even managed to move to a new studio (more details on that soon).

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Those of you who’ve been following our Twitter updates will know that we’re still in the middle of filming our 8-part online travel series around the UK – which takes people under the skin of this great country of ours, meeting various colourful characters en route.

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Visit Britain 13Visit Britain 13

Besides being a great excuse to get off the beaten track, it’s also given us the opportunity to get out the Red Epic and MoVI rig (again), in what looks like being a rather innovative new travel show. Suffice to say we’re pretty excited…

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Do you recognise any of these places?

Aside from all this, our Creative Director, Matt, has been in Alaska writing a travel feature for National Geographic Traveller magazine (and Julian is about to welcome his first baby into the world).



Coming up in the next few weeks, we’ve got shoots in Portugal, Holland and… Norfolk. Until next time…





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