Evans Cycles: Get On Your Bike

We love making ad films, that’s no secret. And we love telling stories too, as you know by now.

However it doesn’t happen so often that we can combine work with one of our passions and have great fun in the meanwhile.

Last week we were lucky enough to shoot a film for Evans Cycles commissioned by The Guardian, and we had a blast meeting the Evans’ crew-turned-actors and hearing all sorts of stories that only bicycle geek can tell – or understand.


We learnt some bike tricks from each one of them, from how to sit on a bike “Italian Style” with Glenn…

…to how to “Hipster Mount” on your bike…


… to Ed showing us how he climbs up stairs with his BMX.


Our great DOP Tim Wood decided to use a combination of Canon C100 and Sony FS700 to create beautiful sun-kissed images of the riders in slow motion on top of the normal speed ones, in the green of Boxhill’ hills and the brown of Southwark’ Victorian setting.




20140612_125734_1 (1)

The interviews with the Odd Ones (aka the Evans team) made us all even more excited about the Tour de France coming to England this weekend (Matt is already on his way up to York!), but most of all we ended the shoot with an incredible need to jump on a bike… and ride!

Check out the film and let us know your views…


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