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Here at Media Ark we’re not JUST about video content. Having grown up in the world of magazines (remember those?), we’re also unashamed print nerds, and the recent introduction of the new Comic Neue font has got us salivating over typography – or more specifically how it can affect the way we perceive written content…


Specifically, we stumbled upon this interesting study by Mikael Cho, who  has created a guide on how to choose the perfect font in four easy steps. Simple stuff, but often overlooked by those who should know better:

“1.    Choose an anchor font

You don’t want your readers asking, “was that an ‘a’ or an ‘e’” every word.

If you’re scrunching your eyes trying to figure out a word that’s a signal that your brain is dedicating unnecessary energy to identifying words.

Decorative typefaces should be used for content that is meant to be seen at a glance, like in a logo, rather than read as multiple paragraphs in body text.

When choosing a font for body text, it’s usually best to stick with a Serif font or Sans-serif font.


 2.     Pick a font size bigger than 12pt

However, as more reading shifts to digital and screen resolutions improve, the way we read content is changing. Many designers believe that 16pt font is the new 12pt font. A recent study has also shown that larger font sizes can elicit a stronger emotional connection.

3.    Watch your line length

Research shows that your subconscious mind gets a boost of energy when jumping to a new line (as long as it doesn’t happen too often) but this energy dwindles as you read over the duration of the line.

4.    Mind your spacing

Adequate spacing between letters is important for your readers to be able to move through sentences fluidly. The tighter your letters are together, the harder it is for people to identify the shapes that make up different letterforms.”


Have you ever felt like what you were reading didn’t make sense, merely because of the way it was presented? This could easily be rectified simply by using a font that’s fit for purpose – rather than being fancy for the sake of it…


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