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How LastMinute are you?

We all like to be a little spontaneous, but when it comes to the crunch, how spur-of-the-moment are you really? This was the question we put to the great travelling public, when our friends at commissioned us recently to create some fresh new content.

Our challenge was to create some engaging guides to key destinations, along with other interactive content that would   populate‘s Inspirations site – the aim being to improve SEO and drive traffic to the main site.  Continue reading


Great British Wonders

Wowzers! It’s been quite a month here at Media Ark, with over 15 films shooting in the last few weeks. From Miami to Harrogate, cider farms to sofas, and music festivals to fishermen in the Highlands of Scotland, we’ve been on something of a whirlwind tour. Oh, and somewhere in between all that we even managed to move to a new studio (more details on that soon).

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Those of you who’ve been following our Twitter updates will know that we’re still in the middle of filming our 8-part online travel series around the UK – which takes people under the skin of this great country of ours, meeting various colourful characters en route.

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Visit Britain 13Visit Britain 13

Besides being a great excuse to get off the beaten track, it’s also given us the opportunity to get out the Red Epic and MoVI rig (again), in what looks like being a rather innovative new travel show. Suffice to say we’re pretty excited…

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Do you recognise any of these places?

Aside from all this, our Creative Director, Matt, has been in Alaska writing a travel feature for National Geographic Traveller magazine (and Julian is about to welcome his first baby into the world).



Coming up in the next few weeks, we’ve got shoots in Portugal, Holland and… Norfolk. Until next time…




We Are Mind

Ahem, ahem, we just wanted to let you know about the new brand film we created for Mind, the mental health charity:

Entitled We Are Mind”, it tackles an incredibly sensitive subject –one that many of us are still embarrassed to talk about. 

The resulting film is something that we’re all incredibly proud of, thanks in no small way to our editor and producer, Emma P. and Emma H.– along with Sara and the team over at Mind (thanks guys!).

The film really is rather moving (see for yourselves), and has already been watched and shared by thousands of people.

Finally, we just wanted to say huge thanks Gary, Abby and Rohan, who opened up to us and shared their personal experiences. And of course, we got to film with one of our heroes – a certain Mr Stephen Fry…


Evans Cycles: Get On Your Bike

We love making ad films, that’s no secret. And we love telling stories too, as you know by now.

However it doesn’t happen so often that we can combine work with one of our passions and have great fun in the meanwhile.

Last week we were lucky enough to shoot a film for Evans Cycles commissioned by The Guardian, and we had a blast meeting the Evans’ crew-turned-actors and hearing all sorts of stories that only bicycle geek can tell – or understand.


We learnt some bike tricks from each one of them, from how to sit Continue reading


Calling all film-makers!

Ahem, ahem… We’re working on a rather exciting new project right now, called London Lives, and are looking for filmmakers (established and up-and-coming) to join us!

In a nutshell, we’re creating and producing a collection of short documentaries that take you under the skin of London, through the people who live here. Stories of London told by Londoners (if you get our drift). Our mission (and yours, should you choose to accept it) is to take people under the skin of this diverse city of ours, through a series of beautiful films featuring larger than life characters – who reveal their personal connection with a unique London space, while letting us into their lives in the process.

The good news is there are no style restrictions. We’d like you to put your own creative stamp on the films you want to make – and tell your chosen story your way.


Photo Credit: Digital White Company

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